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Scope : global or session or query 9485 Disables select permission for dbcc show_statistics. This trace flag applies to the instance of SQL Server, not just an availability group, an availability database, or a log reader instance. However, memory pressure can still bästa dejting webbplats malaysia activate lock escalation. Scope : global or session or query 4138 Causes SQL Server to generate a plan that does not use row goal adjustments with queries that contain TOP, option (fast N IN, or exists keywords. Scope : global or session or query 2371 Changes the fixed auto update statistics threshold to dynamic auto update statistics threshold. Scope : global only 8079 Allows SQL Server 2014 (12.x) SP2 to interrogate the hardware layout and automatically configure Soft-numa on systems reporting 8 or more CPUs per numa node. Scope : global or session 661 Disables the ghost record removal process.

If a trace flag has either global, session or query scope, it can be enabled with the appropriate scope. Varför är det viktigt att försöka utveckla ett system? Scope : global only 8032 Reverts the cache limit parameters to the SQL Server 2005 (9.x) RTM setting which in general allows caches to be larger.

Scope : global only 692 Disables fast inserts while bulk loading data into heap or clustered index. Scope : global only 3051 Enables SQL Server Backup to URL logging to a specific error log file. However, because trace flag 1211 prevents escalation in every case, even under memory pressure, we recommend that you use 1224. Scope : global only 1237 Allows the alter partition function statement to honor the current user-defined session deadlock priority instead of being the likely deadlock victim by default. Konferensen organiseras i samarbete med Nätverk för Nordiska Grupprelationskonferenser. Scope : global and session 6533 Enables performance improvement of query operations with spatial data types in SQL Server 2012 (11.x) and SQL Server 2014 (12.x).