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it has been able to follow his life in that room in a blog on the internet, with Micke writing about everything from music to everyday events; lots of music, lots of Elvis, favorite records, Swedish pop, lists. Cutout-skivor kom ur ett specifikt jag dejtar någon med ptsd amerikanskt system. He invests heavily on cheap records in a business philosophy that he also inherited after the dad - fast in and quickly out. "We sold as much that the cash register start burning said Kenneth. During the 50's and 60's, the firm was owned by Karin Ernst. He brought the recordings by Sun Ra on ESP and Saturn to Sweden, like all the other avant-garde recordings from ESP. Stockholm's first record store for used records was located at Kindstugatan in Gamla Stan and was opened in the late 1940s. The record interest came from her father, who was a pioneer in jukeboxes in Sweden. Experimentell rock, samtida jazz, blues och folkmusik.

Elegant with built-in cabins for listening. He has also organized record fairs around Sweden. In the early 1980s it became the largest record store in Scandinavia and they called it Sound City. Back TO TOP Gellborn Records Den finns kvar! Samson was at Drottninggatan. Their business idea was to sell LPs from US surplus stocks, such as cutouts that had drill holes or cut corners.

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