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to create videos by scripting the dialog and choosing from a menu of camera angles and predesigned CGI characters and scenes. I'm out doing some very important things, so please leave me a message, and if this is Strong Bad calling to prank call me, can you please do the one where I win the radio contest? Small Name, Big Ego : Show Within a Show and In-Universe example- Crack Stuntman, the voice of Gunhaver in Cheat Commandos, who insists on script changes and even voicing different characters because he "likes that guy's lines better." Small Reference Pools : Averted, especially during. 70 Pusheen An animated grey tabby cat, originally drawn as a character in the webcomic "Everyday Cute" by artists Clare Belton and Andrew Duff. "Who knew mailing personalized potatoes could rake in so much cash?". Spinoff Babies : One email has baby versions of the main cast (except Homestar, who is still an adult, for some reason). Not very surprising when his favorite manufacturer, Compy, still makes house-sized computers.

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Most toons have at least a couple on the final screen. "JibJab satirists turn to e-card genre". High School Marching Band, Kissy Boots, Fatty's Big Chance, is is one of their favorite jokes, actually. "This guy makes 10,000 a month shipping potatoes". Averted in The Princess Diaries series; Mia encounters this situation with her Secret Snowflake Tina, but manages to get her a last-minute gift that's both heartfelt and appropriate. Also, The Ugly One in the Teen Girl Squad series, though her qualifications fluctuate as the world around her is as crazy as Strong Bad's imagination. Game On : When Toby forgets his mother's birthday, he sneaks out of the house and down the block to the only business in the neighbourhood open early on a Sunday morning: the gas station. Retrieved Moyer, Justin. Internet memes, such as popular themes, catchphrases, images, viral videos, and jokes. Gift cards aside, many chain drugstores are still attempting to avert this. "Just FYI, The Babadook Is A Queer Icon Now". Cruella has a Christmas Carol Intervention and decides to get gifts for everyone.