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the name Toppskivan. His first own business was in a small mall on Drottninggatan where he rented a table and sold records. Gustaf likes jazz and soul and pop from the 70's. And this lasted for almost five years! Har fortfarande kvar den knappen. It had long been fairly non-existent, especially with regard to jazz. If you're writing on Facebook about an obscure little shop, you can trust that you get a comment from Janne who knows little more. A Mega dating apps för mogna kvinnor äldre 50 Store, den stora skivbutiken vid Sergels torg. He called home to dad, borrowed 10,000 kr and bought 800 records from that collection in Wellington.

And then he ran into a local. Efter rivningen flyttade Nordiska till Drottninggatan vid Sergels Torg. En annan var Lars Larsson med Record Mania. He talks about people in the business as a community to carry. She worked there and made sure that in addition to Elvis and Rock-Fnykis, there was also some jazz in the assortment. He was a former employee and was important to the store and its image.