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main types of public camping spots available in New Zealand, rules for camping at each and average camping prices. When you connect to a campsite electric hook-up point you are able to receive an electricity supply as you would at home. When you are ready to connect to your hook-up, make sure the RCD is in the off position and then connect your hook-up to your unit. There are many different types of camping in New Zealand. Always uncoil the supply cable fully to avoid it overheating on a cable reel.

I have a UK standard with RCD camping cable that I use for.
There are many different types of camping in New Zealand.
This article provides in formation on the three main types of public camping spots available in New.

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The Club is not responsible for electrical damage caused by voltage fluctuations. Facilities are typically minimal and basic, but fees are very reasonable - sometimes free. It is therefore important you make sure your cables and equipment are maintained in good condition by simple checks every time you use it, by regular inspections by a qualified technician and also by using it in a sensible way. This Data Sheet looks at how to use this electricity supply safely and discusses its limitations. If you're thinking of running a heater, or cooking, I'm not sure that's such a good idea. These are not the same as DOC's conservation campsites described above. If it fails to operate the system will need to be checked by a suitably qualified person. The cost of your tent or van space will include the use of the campground facilities. A good place to start is at the Camping Our Way website, where you can find regional information on freedom camping spots. The cable is normally coloured orange so that it is visible and avoids being damaged by grass cutting and other activities on site.

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